I don’t have a user account, how can I download my file?

When you checked out as a guest, we sent you an order completed e-mail, you can follow the link on that e-mail to download your file.  Please contact us if you still have problems.

Do I need to buy table for all the states?

No, you only need to buy the tables for the states your business is based in and the states where your business has nexuses (Branches or physical locations).

How are your WC tax tables different from others?

Our five digit zip code level tax tables for the U.S. are consolidated into fewer rows and also be able to charge zip+4 at zip code level where as others will skip charging sales tax when customer entered zip+4 for WooCommerce

How come my site doesn’t charge tax at checkout even after I imported your tax table?

Our tables are formatted and tested working with WooCommerce plugin.  Please check your tax setting, make sure your products are assigned to the right tax class and your Theme is compatible with WC.  If you still have problem, please try our no fix no charge Tax Setup and Configuration Service.

How compliance is your sales tax rate table?

Our sales rate table includes all current local and state sales taxes broken down by ZIP code. While we trying our best to keep up with the tax rate changes,  please keep in mind that ZIP codes aren’t always aligned perfectly with municipal or county boundaries. We strongly encourage that you verify all taxation issues with the relevant local taxing jurisdictions or tax professionals.

How do I import the tax table to my Woocommerce Site?

Please read our tutorial page for instructions on import tax table to your WooCommerce site.

*Use the native WooCommerce Import tool only.

How often do you update your tax tables?

We update our tax tables for the U.s. at the beginning of the month.

How to download the latest update?

We only store the latest update on our server, so your download will always be the latest update.  The file name of your update will always be the same too.

There are two ways to download your tax rate update:

  1. Use the download link we sent when you purchased your plan. This link will work until your plan expired.  Please keep the link for future updates.
  2. If you created an account when you purchased your plan, you could login to your account from the “My Account -> Login” page on the menu.  Once you logged in, you will be able download your update from there.

( Don’t be hesitated to contact us using our contact form if you have any problem downloading your update )

I don’t see my download on my account?

If you created an account in our system after your purchased your table, your order will not assigned to your account automatically. You could contact us to have your order reassign to your newly created account.

What is the difference between 3, 6 or 12 months?

We update our sales tax in the beginning of each month.  Depending on how many months you want to purchase, you will get 3, 6 and 12 months updates.

Why am I getting “You must be logged in to download files.” message after logged in to download my file?

Please try clear out your browser history data or download with a different browser.

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